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here i want to list a few words that my design exemplifies


and a few websites that have inspired me.

- a teacher of mine, one of the first websites i encountered that put function over form

- one of my favorite music labels. their brand's dedication to minimalism is conveyed thoroughly, from their music to their web design.
- http://www.wanna-rework.de/
- - one of the musicians websites on the above label

and a few quotes that have inspired me

terence mckenna quote

hobbies :: aspects that define me


this will be my 6th year biking in chicago

check out my biking video


ive been practicing kungfu for over a year now

i have a couple videos on my media page

ive also been working on their website
you can see the entry on my client page here


my psych career is long and winding

my first introduction to psychology was through myers briggs

hours of trawling google led me to


socionics was everything i was looking for

socionics' rationality / irrationality replaces mbti's judgment / perception
mbti's judgment / perception still exists within socionics, but it is instead a second level dichotomy, static / dynamic

socionics goes into much greater detail than myers briggs:

intertype relations - descriptions of interactions between types
small groups - common ground between types
subtypes - no two types are the same
model a -
second level dichotomies
information elements
functions which allows for functional dichotomies

information metabolism - can be simplied as follows:
every action you do, is based on information.


the secret language
my number one to-go-to

here you can check your or anothers birthday
( check you and a parent )
and your relationships with other people
( check an old or current flame )

cafe astrology

i personally like their natal chart
and their relationship chart

tarot year

heres a easy calculator i just found

for example:
i want to check for my current year
since my birthday has not happened yet, i check for last year

long description
short description

this site has more descriptions
but you have to know your number, use calc above