i've been practicing kungfu for over a year now
the brand is currently overhauling everything
from fliers to the website

current site:
future site:



popcorn bulb


lived next to me my sophomore year at columbia
currently in australia

i designed and developed his website
which he has since personally tweaked

i also acted in some videos for him
find them on my media page here


an extremely talented artist
but also a good friend from highschool

recently has been blowing up in the detroit art scene

read about his installation at the Red Bull House of Art

1 of the 5 under 25 detroit artists to watch in 2015

i created and hosted a simple website for him
which we are currently overhauling

follow him on social media:

instagram ( @hyper_mutant )


the most simple / efficient way
to catapault your next event
to the stratosphere

operating out of chicago, they combine digital art, projection mapping, and interactive installs to make your event out of this world.


heres a site a made for them a couple years ago:

and heres the new underconstruction site:

meet the team:

truman - [ sophos visuals ]

bill - [ dubstompin / biww ]

brandyn - [ mr Zpacely ]




the Detroit Culture Club contacted me
to create a website
for their latest event film//play

i offered to create a digital respository
a hub for their digital content and contact info
but they just wanted a description
so thats what i delivered

now that we've gotten to know each other
i feel confident pushing for a more interactive user experience

a link to its facebook event